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    Currency in Great Britain |

    The pound has one hundred cents. The British pound rate is in the range 0.88 = 1 EURO. You can exchange money in the bank without any problems. Banks are usually open from half a ten to half a fifth, and in larger centers they are open even over the weekend.

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    23.06.2016, Jaroslav D. |

    ,, Hello, I am very satisfied with the city, here it is really beautiful, accommodation is great with great people and work is suitable for me. I wouldn´t change anything, everything here is just great."" ...

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  • It is possible to go to work as a couple?

    Yes, this is possible for both. Of course, both of you have to go through selection process and have English skills on better basic level. We always send information to British employer in advance to keep him informed, who, and with whom have arrived and want to work together. We can help you with arranging accommodation together, but, if you will work together on same shift is on agreement with employer.

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