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    Useful numbers and pre-numbers in England – Great Britain |

    • 999 – Emergency (police, fire brigade, rescue service)
    • 100 – Operator (call for help with local and international calls in the UK and Ireland)
    • 155 – International Operator (call for help with international calls or ship connection)
    • 118 500 – Information (here you can get the numbers of individuals and businesses in the UK after their address and name or name)
    • 118 505 – International ...

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    23.06.2016, Jaroslav D. |

    ,, Hello, I am very satisfied with the city, here it is really beautiful, accommodation is great with great people and work is suitable for me. I wouldn´t change anything, everything here is just great."" ...

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  • Is it possible to get an advance payment?

    If the part-timer is working hard, is going to allotted shifts and if there are no problems with part-timer, than there will be no problem with advance payment...
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