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Currency in Great Britain |

The pound has one hundred cents. The British pound rate is in the range 0.88 = 1 EURO. You can exchange money in the bank without any problems. Banks are usually open from half a ten to half a fifth, and in larger centers they are open even over the weekend.

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Adam B.,23.06.2016,

,,.... my feelings are positive, even though some things could improve…..Arranging of documents was quick and well-arranged…..Accommodation in Burnley is good, even though we have waited for table and freezer for a one month and in the end we had to tag together the table and chairs, otherwise we had to wait for another week. Also export of waste has been dealt with for a long time but finally, we solved it and from today our waste is should be export on regular basis. The house is fine, furniture is new, and the rest well preserved in good condition. Work in warehouse is quite difficult mostly for feet, but it is something that everyone can handle….I am very satisfied with everything. Mostly are here Slovaks, Czechs, and Polls. For such a small city it is great night life here, and people are very nice here....""